We are two middle aged women with normal bodies, leaks and hang-ups.  

We know quite a lot about the horror of leaving blood stains on the chairs in the conference room.  Why women our age rarely go on the trampoline with the kids and why we panic when the bathroom is too far away. We have our own experiences of leaks, stains and embaressment – and so do most women. That´s why we started Comfydence.

We, Linda & Anna, have different background and different motivation. But we share the vision that women should feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.  Every day.

It´s about time we start talking openly about the female body

Linda Vår story Comdyfence

“In my past I have left som unpleasant traces.  I have leaked in my panties, on the bed-sheets and on the train ..to give a few examples.  For every leak I have felt ashamed and humiliated. I have cried and hidden under a blanket when I could. Nobody has put any blame on me but my self-esteem has really been hurt every time.

My history of leaks and my wish to make a difference is my “why”.

Maybe it´s because my name resembles the word for sanitary pad in Swedish that I never really felt comfortable using them. My personal mantra is Everyday Freedom and this is something that absorbing panties and Comfydence have given me. Ever since I started with absorbing panties I have stopped using disposables and I feel so free.

I hope to help more women live a more relaxed and free life. Come on and try- you will not be disappointed.   😍”


It´s about time we get more sustainable options for our everyday life

Anna Vår story Comfydence

“My teenage daughter has come home so many with blood stains on the white soccer-shorts or on the jeans. When both of us tried absorbing panties for the first time I realized we have the chance to help girls, women and ladies with the same problems and misery.

My driving force is to develop and offer products that women want, like and feel comfortable in. 

Also, our panties help reduce the big amounts of disposables, unnecessary chemicals and plastics. Meaning together we can  make a true impact.

If Comfydence can make life a bit easier and also a bit more sustainable – we have succeeded.”


 All women deserve to feel comfortable & confident in their body


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