We love sustainable solutions

For us the sustainability aspect is very important. Even so, we have the utmost respect that sustainability is a complex theme with no clear answer. There is no doubt we all need to question how we live our lives – to keep it sustainable for the planet and for individuals. We all have to take responsibility for the choices we make and our consumption.

Sustainability is not easy and sometimes we all struggle with it in everyday life. Understanding long term effects of our choices is complex and sometimes shame and guilt is used to change behaviours. We don´t believe in shaming or blaming. We believe in understaning, raising awareness, and working together to drive change.

When 150 00 women wear our panties one day per cycle for one year
5 400 000 disposables are saved 

Transparency & simplicity

We want to give all women the chance to make an informed choice based on facts and information. When you have clear and transparent information about a product- the choice is often easy.

We have tried- all through the development of Comfydence – to be as efficient as possible yet with no compromise on quality or comfort. Since we are a small and flexible company we have the oportunity to do the unexpected. Developing our products and our company is a continuos process and we are far from finished. So far we always have:

  • Organic cotton inside of our panties
  • No antibacterial treatment of textiles – as opposed to many international brands. Read more about it. 
  • Practical and re-usable packaging
  • Panties with a long life cycle that replace disposables and reduce waste
  • Giving back! 10 sek (ca 1EUR) per panty is donated to the important work of Water Aid Sverige.
  • Sustainable relationships. Our suppliers have signed a strict Code of Conduct including guidelines on human rights, equality and good working conditions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Even though we are a small company we use our voice and our principles to contribute to a sustainable society. Supporting women is key for sustainability and openly sharing problems, challenges and limitations is one step towards equality. To make sustainability one of our top priorites we  defined the most important EU Sustainable Development Goals where we aim to make a difference.  Hence the goals 3, 4, 5, 12 & 13 are our priority.

The logo-8

Goal 3: Health and wellbeing

Education and awareness aound periods and initimate hygiene is important to all girls. We work to inform, communicate and inspire open discussions on periods in schools and sports.

We do not wish to be associated with any sexualisation of the female body or shaming related to periods, incontinence or other intimate conditions. Our goal is that every girl and woman should feel comfortable and confident in their body every day.


Goal 4: Education

Periods should never be a reason to miss out on school or any other form of discrimination. We contribute to the important work of Water Aid Sverige to educate and raise awareness on the topic of periods.


Goal 5. Equality

Womens lifes shoudl never be limited by periods, sweat or incontinence. Our ambition is to offer smart innovations that improve womens life and health.

We treat colleagues, partners, clients and suppliers with respect. We disassociate from any discrimination and work actively to include people of different background and orientation in our communication.


Goal 6. Clean water

The access of clean water is the basis of all life and progress. Comfydence support WaterAid Sverige, a non profit organisation working to provide clean water and sanitaion globally.

Tampons and other menstrual protection products are often disposed into our toilets causing a lot of problems and pollution. We encourage to STOP throwing tampons into the toilet. Please use the Comfydence textile pouch, which is both moisture and smell-proof, and keep the disposable until you find a proper bin.


Goal 12. Sustainable consumption and production

We aim to help our customers make informed choices. We offer panties with a long life cycle that partially or completely replace disposables.

Our goal is to sell 150 000 panties within 3 years. If a panty replaces three disposables every time its used and it´s used once per cycle for a year- that would mean a reduction of tampons, pads and pantyliners of 5,4 million. Only by using the panty twice per cycle the effect is the double.

Our suppliers are certified and follow a strict code of conduct.


Goal 13. Fight climate change

Our panties are partially or completely made from organically certified materials. We continously work to further decrease the negative impact of our products and introduce more sustainable processes.