Absorbing panties keep you dry, comfy and safe every day

Impossible? – It´s actually quite simple

Absorbing panties from Comfydence is a sustainable protection for periods, pee, discharge and sweat. The panties are stylish and thin yet have all this inside:

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Organic cotton inside
Gentle on the body´s most sensitive parts

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Highly absorbent materials
Gusset and backside has one or more layers of absorbent textile. 

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Breathable textiles
The fabrics allows the body to breath – keeping a fresh & dry feeling all day. 

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 Moisture repellent polyester prevents any leaks or stains. 

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Less waste
Wash the panties easily the machine. Let dry. Use again and again.  


How often do I have to change panties?

Absorbing panties do not need to be changed as often as sanitary pads or panty liners. The materials absorb any moisture, keeping a dry surface for a long time and allowing the body to breath. Get to know your flow and how long you feel comfortable using the panties before changing. They can be used up to 24h.

Is it hygienical to wear an absorbing panty for a full day and night?

Yes, periods, pee and sweat is not unhygienical as such. The inner layer of organic cotton let´s the moisure through keeping a dry feeling close to the body. The breathable materials allow air to flow keeping the environment dry and avoiding any smell.

How much can the panties absorb?

The amount of liquid absorbed by the panty depends on the absorption level of the panty, how quickly liquid is released and also the concentration. It is difficult to set an exact measure for the absorbency, but the drops for each style will indicate the level. Compare the number of drops with drops on sanitary pads, panty liners and incontinece protection. If you are unsure of your flow and what level to choose we recommend to go with a panty with Super absorption. This one will keep you safe for long. While using absorbing panties you will easily get to know your own flow and which level is right during your cycle. If you would like any help to chose- send us an e-mail on hey@comfydence.se.

Will the panty feel wet and moist?

No, it will not as long as the absorption level is right for your flow. Comfydence panties are made from organic cotton, absorbing textiles and a leakproof barrier and they will stay more dry that f.e. a sanitary pad. If you would experience that there is a lot of liquid on the surface of the gusset we recommend to change panties more often or chosse a style with higher absorption.

For what can I use  Comfydence absorbing panties?

Comfydence panties replace or can be used as back-up together with any other protection for intimate leaks such as:

  • period
  • discharge
  • bladder leaks / incontinence
  • sweat
  • post partum bleeding

Comfydence panties come in many different styles and sizes XXS (154cl)-3XL(54/56)

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Why period panties / absorbing panties?

The reasons for using absorbing panties are many. For some people the main reason is to minimize usaing disposables and making a positive impact on the environment. For others it´s more important to feel comfortable and confident in great looking panties every day. This is what some of our customers say about the panties:

Linda: “- I used a lot of tampons and panty liners to keep me safe. Today I only wear period panties and feel so free and liberated.”

Anna: “- Finally I can sleep all through the night without having to wake up to change the tampon.”

Mia: “- I´m so glad I don´t have to run to the toilet every now and then to check if I got the period.”

Can I wear period panties / absorbing panties every day?

Yes, absolutely. They feel like normal underwear and keeps you safe and comfy when

  • waiting for the period
  • you suffer from temporary leaks of pee
  • is pregnant and get bladder leaks
  • sweat a lot from the groin
  • you are a new mother with post partum bleeding

Do Comfydence panties have anti-bacterial treatment?

No, Comfydence panties are not treated with chemicals for antibacterial reasons. The reason is that antibacterial treatments seem to have negative effects on both environment and health and the positive effect is also questionable. An anti-bacterial treatment means that biocides- f.e. silver- is added to work against growth of bacteria. Studies show that such treatment can cause allergies and tend to be washed out in the water causing severe damage on the environment.

There are no scientificly verified health-reasons for antibacterial treatment of underwear. According to Helena Kopp Kallner, Chief Gynecologist and Head Physician at Danderyds Sjukhus, risk of infection mainly arises when bacteria that are present on the skin is inserted into the vagina and rarely causes Toxic Shock Syndrome. For this to happen the bacteria needs to be present on the hands and also inserted into the vagina. There is no evidence that intercourse during the period increase the risk of infection. All in all the science does not indicate that antibacterial treatment of underwear or sanitary pads have any efect on risk of infection. Also, there is no evidence showing that the risk of infection increases when using sanitary pads/pantyliners for a long time.

The anti-bacterial treatment is sometimes claimed to work against smell. However, smell is avoided by using breathable textiles and avoiding a fuggy feeling like that of a plastic sanitary pad.

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Comfydence have defined clear standards for the products and suppliers have signed a detailed code of conduct stating that there shoudl be no biocides or antibacterial treatment added to the panties. In order to secure that standars are followed we have tested the panties with an independent research insitute in Sweden. In those tests no biocides or antibacterial treatment could be detected.


I bleed a lot and sanitary pads are uncomfortable at night. Would Comfydence panties work for me?

Oh yes. With absorbing period panties from Comfydence you can sleep all through the night. All our panties have a protective area reaching all the way up to the back waistline. Some styles also have full cover in the front. Use a panty with absorption High+ or Super not to have to get up at night to change tampon or pad.

My period is irregular and I don´t want to leak through pants

Comfydence panties offer an invisible protection when awaiting the period. Use a panty with absorption Light- Moderate to be safe and prepared. With a pair of period panties in the drawer or your bag there is no need to panic.

The panties are thin and feel just like regular underwear

I use tampon or menstrual cup. Why should I use period panties?

Some people experience leaks when using menstrual cup or find it difficult to empty the cup in official settings. For these situations period panties help to avoid any risk of leaks and offer a discrete and trusable alternative protection.

If you are using tampons and worry about leaks the panties are a safe, comfy and sustainable alternative for both daytime and nighttime. If you would like to keep using tampons – take a look at Comfydence tampons from 100% organic cotton that come in mixed sizes.

I have occasional bladder leaks. Can Comfydence help me?

Absolutely. With a pair of absorbing panties in level High/Moderate you can feel dry, fresh and safe all day.

Do Comfydence panties work for pregnancy and/or post partum?

Yes! Bladder leaks are normal during pregnancy and after giving birth post partum bleeds are to be expected. Among our styles of absobing panties What´s Up ( high cut) and Soft Bliss (very soft waistline)  are especially appreciated by pregnant women and new mothers.

Easy peasy washing! Rinse, wash, hang dry

What is the textile pouch for?

Comfydenec panties alsways come in a practical and stylish pouch. The pouch is made from the same leakproof material found inside the panty gusset. Use it to:

  • store the panties in the drawer
  • bring a spair pair in the bag
  • keep a used pair of panties until wash
  • store anything else like jewelry, chocolates or wrapping of a small gift
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