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Comfydence maternity / post partum panties

  • Use up to 24H
  • Different levels of absorption to fit your flow
  • Always organic cotton inside
  • No antibacterial treatment
  • Easy machine wash
  • Practical and re-usable pouch included

Absorbing panties fit well both during pregnancy and after childbirth. Many people experience bladder leaks during parts of pregnancy. Then Comfydence maternity panties/ post partum panties is as an alternative to other incontinence protection or pads. Comfydence offer several styles of maternity / post partum panties in breathable materials that fit comfortably.

After delivery, Comfydence panties are an excellent protection against discharge and post partum bleeding. Styles with superabsorption are very highly absorbent and keeps you dry all day and/or night.

Comfydence maternity panties with built-in protection are suitable for all days. Choose a style with super absorption in case of recurrent incontinence or a style with lower absorption in case of temporary bladder leaks. Detailed information can be found on each product. Maternity panties with absorption should be washed before first use. After use, they should be rinsed in cold water before normal machine washing. See detailed washing instructions here.

Comfydence maternity / post partum panties are a perfect gift for the pregnant woman or the new mother.

Comfydence is a Swedish company started by women with too much experience of leakage and normal body functions.
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