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Comfydence period panty / period panties

  • Use up to 24H
  • Different levels of absorption to fit your flow
  • Always organic cotton inside
  • No antibacterial treatment
  • Easy machine wash
  • Practical and re-usable pouch included

Panties with built-in protection are sometimes called period panties. But the same panties work just as well as protection against bladder leaks, sweat or discharge. The panties stay dry and protect from leakage at all times.

How does a period panty work? A period panty is simply a washable panty with built-in protection that absorbs and protects against leakage. The period panty has a thin padding that covers the entire gusset and reach all the way up to the back waistband.

With period panties there is no need to woryy about leaking even if the period comes unexpectedly or you move a lot in the bad at night.

Comfydende period panties are available with different levels of absorption for different flows. They always have a leakproof barrier and comfortable fit. Choose from different absorbency, styles and materials. Read more about function and use.

Comfydence period panties with built-in protection are suitable for all days. Choose a model with super absorption to use as the only protection for an entire day and night or a panty with lower absorption as a complement to the menstrual cup or tampon. Detailed information can be found on each product.

Period panties should be washed before first use. After use,  rinse in cold water before normal machine washing (40 degrees). See detailed washing instructions here.

Comfydence is a Swedish company started by women with too much experience of leakage and normal body functions.
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