Money Back Guarantee- 60 days

Try Comfydence panties risk-free

We offer a money-back guarantee on your first pair of Comfydence panties for 60 days. All to make sure you like your new Comfydence panties. If you are not satisfied, send them back to us and get your money back. You are responsible for any return shipping cost.

How it works:

Keep the hygiene sticker-  and preferably another pair of underwear-   when trying on the size of your new panties.  The hygiene sticker guarantees the panty has not been used before. Rinse / wash the panties before using them for the first time for best effect. Follow the washing instructions and take care of your panties. 

If, after all, you are not satisfied with your panties, you can contact us at and we will help you send the panties back.
We will not question if you want to use guarantee – but if you want to help us with feedback we are very happy.

Send us an email at and let us know that you want to use the try-out guarantee. Include your order number. We will then contact you with information on how to proceed.

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We aim to exceed your expectations

We hope that Comfydence panties are better than you would ever expect. We are greatful for any feedback, questions and comments. Find some answers to the most frequent questions and information regarding the panties in the menu below.

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Panties with built in protection. Simple as that!
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Follow a simple guide to find the right style and level. We recommend absorption level Super in case of doubt. See the guide here. 

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