Comfydence is a proud partner of WaterAid Sweden

Proud partner to WaterAid

Hundreds of million of women and girls menstruate every day. This is the most natural thing in the world. Yet in many countries the period is looked upon as something shameful and taboo. In some parts of the world girls are forced to leave school and get married when they get their period. In other parts girls are harassed due to the period. Out of all schools in the world every third school has no decent toilet and one in ten girls can´t go to school while on her period. The unavailability of hygienic protection means girls put paper or leaves in the panties which is often a cause of infection.

Menstrual poverty in the world is not acceptable

When you shop at Comfydence, SEK 10 per panty (and 2.5% of other sales) goes in full to WaterAid – a non-profit organization that performs important work on water and sanitation globally. WaterAid works very actively for girls’ rights, to create awareness about & counteract menstrual poverty, and to create good opportunities for good health and clean water worldwide. Read more abot WaterAids work here. 

Every panty makes a difference

When we started Comfydence, we also wanted to make a real impact in girls and womens life. Fighting menstrual poverty and how women’s lives are limited by menstruation was close at hand. In our research on the subject we found WaterAid, a non profit organization working hard to provide santiation and fighing against period poverty and stigmatization. When we contacted them, they were very positive to our request, but it was not entirely clear how to work together.

Since then, Comfydence has been evaluated according to ethical and legal principles and we can now call ourselves a PROUD partner of  WaterAid Sverige.  We are committed to making ongoing contributions to WaterAid Sverige’s work which is a huge motivation for us. We follow the sales and contributions closely and also partner up with WaterAid Sverige for other activities.

We are happy and proud knowing that WaterAid Sverige can use our donations for a greater impact than we could ever create on our own.

Thank You- your purchase supports the fight on period poverty

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