Pick your panties in 3 simple steps

Comfydence panties absorb menstruation, incontinence or sweat and feel as comfortable as regular panties. Start from your own flow to choose the right model for you. To give you a chance to try absorbing panties risk free we offer a Money Back Guarantee on the first pair.

Many women find it useful to have 3-6 pairs of panties to cover their need and there is always a discount on purchase over three pairs.

Follow some simple steps to find your favorite panty.

Så väljer du trosa droppe

1. Absorbency

Occasional drops or heavy flow? Do you want a back-up while waiting for your period or do you need full protection all day or night? The drops on each panty represents the absorbency level. Choose between Light, Medium, Heavy or Super absorbency.

Så väljer du trosa storlek

2. Find your size

The panties come in sizes from 154cl to 54/56- 3XL. To see what styles are availble in your size- simply use the filter on the shop-site. On the product description of every panty you can see the detailed measures to compare with your own favourite panty. Note that the measure is of the panty and not the body and that all panties have a stretchy waistline. If you normaly wear a size in between Comfydence sizes – we recommend you to go with the bigger option.

Så väljer du trosa modell

3. Find your style

Choose a style and material you like. Sporty cotton panties, glossy thongs and real hip-hugs? Comfydence panties always have organic cotton closest to the body & protection right up to the back elastic waistband.

What do the drops mean?

The drops show the level of absorption of the panty. They can be compared to the drop symbols indicated on tampons and sanitary pads. The drops represent how much liquid the material can absorb and Comfydence panties come in four different levels; light, moderate*, high and super. Choose the absorbency according to your personal flow. If you are unsure of what level is right for you, we recommend to go with super absorption for maximum protection or the same level you would choose when using disposables.  

The panties can often be worn 12-24h before you need to change. The combination of breathable materials and a leakproof barrier keeps a fresh feeling, without smell or leaks, all day long.

As you start using absorbing panties you will soon know what level and style you need to be safe and comfy. All Comfydence panties can fully replace the disposables.

Light +

Light+ – two drops

Use for full protection for discharge or light flow.
Also good as back-up while using tampon/menstrual cup. The absorbency is comparable to a thin panty liner.

Så väljer du trosa medium

Medium – three drops

Use for full protection for moderate periods, bladder leaks or heavy discharge.
Absorbency comparable to a sanitary pad or bladder leak pad with three drops.

Så väljer du trosa hög

High – four drops

Use for full protection for average flow of period or bladder leaks.
These panties incapsulate moist and smell for a full day and/or night.

Så väljer du trosa super

Super – five drops

Use for full protection during a  heavy flow.
These panties have a thin padding yet super absorption and they will keep you dry and fresh up to 24 h on your heaviest days.

For optimal comfort the protection reaches all the way up to the back waistband

More questions?

Here are some of the most frequent questions.
Just reach out if we can help you:  hey@comfydence.se

For how long can a panty be worn ?

This depends on the character of the flow so there is no clear answer. We recommend to try your panties at home and get to know for how long you feel comfortable. As a general answer we can say that a lot of women wear them up to 24h. 

How have you tested the absorbency?

We have more or less tested every period panty there is on the market. We have used them ourselves, and disected every material in them. With the learnings we made we developed our Comfydence styles to be more comfortable, more secure and more sustainable than other brands out there.

Can I replace disposables with these panties?

Absolutely. These absorbing panties can fully replace tampons, pantyl liners and sanitary pads. We would recommend to start off with one panty of super absorption. If you are happy you can then add some panties with other absorption for your lighter days.

Can absorbing panties help me feel safe in certain situations?

Yes, without a doubt! These panties with built in protection absorb liquid but also keeps you safe from leaks at all times. They can replace other protection but you can also use them together with f.e tampon or menstrual cup on those days when you want to be extra safe.

What style suits me?

Pick a style and material that you feel comfy in. You will hardly notice that Comfydence panties are different from other panties. Please let us know if your size is not availble in the style you prefer, and we´ll try to help out.

What level of absorbency should I choose?

Start out with a panty with level “super” that will keep you dry and fresh on heavy days. You will soon learn if you could do with panties with lower level on certain days. Get to know your flow. 

How much liquid can these panties absorb?

That´s a tricky question to answer. The thing is that the absorption depends on the amount but also on how fast the liquid is released and if it´s very concentrated to one place. We recommend you to try out the panties and learn how they fit your flow. We always offer a money-back-guarantee on the first pair to make sure you can try without risk.

Do you have panties with six drops?

No, unfortunately we do not have it yet. We are working on developing a super-duper variant with suction corresponding to six drops. We have not found the equivalent on the market and therefore it takes some time. If you need higher protection than super, we recommend a combination of panties with tampon / menstrual cup or to change more often.

Try Comfydence period panties risk free
Money-back-guarantee for 60 days on first pair