Mermaid – Leak Free Swimwear- High Waist


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NEW IN! Get ready to enjoy the beach or swimmingpool every day of the month. With leakfree swimwear you can feel comfortable and confident every time you jump in the water. Mermaid leak free swimsuit bottom has an extra high waist, a light feeling and built in period protection. It is made from black, water repellent nylon. The reinforced gusset area is thin and flexible and absorbs light to moderate periods.

  • Easy and safe protection for periods
  • Replaces tampon or menstrual cup for swimming/sunbathing
  • For light to moderate flow
  • Discrete protection in gusset
  • Extra high waist
  • Between two sizes? Go for the smaller one

60 Days Money Back Guarantee: Try your first Comfydence panty for up to 60 days. If you are not happy with it we will refund your purchase. Read more about the guarantee HERE. 


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leakfree swimwear sizeguideNote that the panty will stretch when put on. Need any help? Send us an e-mail on:

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Return or regret within 60 days

60 days Money-Back-Guarantee on the first pair of panties


Leak free swimwear from Comfydence looks and feels like regular swimwear but was developed to make it easy to swim and sunbathe while on your period. It´s a great replacement if you normally wear sanitary pads, pantyliners or period panties. With leakfree swimwear there is no need for other protection like tampon or menstrual cup.

This swimsuit bottom has a thin and discrete protection in the gusset that absorbs blood and prevents any leaks. The outer nylon is water-repellent and will keep dry for some time after jumping into the water. The panty is recommended for light to moderate flow and the time of use  might have to be adapted.

The swimwear comes in a odor- and leakfree pouch that is perfect to bring to the beach, the pool or the spa. Machine wash the swimwear in 40 degrees after use and they are ready to be used again.

Mermaid is a high waisted classical brief in black nylon. There is also a low waisted style – have a look at SUNSHINE here.


Mermaid leakfree swimwear

(from outside)

1: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex
2*: 100% Polyester (Breathable TPU)
3*: 56% Bamboo viscose, 24%
Cotton, 20% Nylon
4*: 50% Bamboo Charcoal, 50% Polyester
Trim: 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex
Thread: 100% Polyester

Wash & care:

Wash your panties before first use for best function.

Rinse in cold water after use. Machinewash in 40 degrees.  It´s fine to wash with other clothing- use a washing bag to protect the panty from sharp edges.

Don´t use bleach or softener. Don´t tumble dry or iron.

Hang dry. It may take some time – but after drying the panties are ready to use again.

Comfydence ship to all countries within the European Union. We have a few different options and they will all display after choosing the specific market in the checkout.

We so our best to ship quickly to any EU market but can´t take responsibility for the leadtime of the shipping company.


In case you would like to return your item or use the 60 Day Money-Back-Guarantee on the first pair of panties you will pay for the return freight. Please send us an e-mail and we´ll help you out.

Any questions on order or delivery?

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