Wash and care

Every time an absorbing panty is worn it replaces three disposables. Do good for the environment without compromising on comfort. Take good care of your panties and make them last longer.

Easy washing

  • Always wash your panties before first use to activate the absorption.
  • Rinse the panties in cold water after use.
  • Wash in the machine at 40 degrees. (In case you want to wash later- hang dry until it´s time)
  • Don´t use bleach or softener.
  • Don´t tumble dry or iron.
  • The panties can be washed with other clothing. Use a washing bags to protect the panties from sharp edges.
  • Hang dry. In case it takes too long; place them on towel-dryer or radiator.
snygga trosor med inbyggt skydd tvättlapp

 Comfydence panties have gentle organic cotton on the inside

Our materials

Comfydence panties come in different fabrics, styles and colors. Chose between shiny nylon, comfy cotton or soft bamboo. Just like women they are similar on the inside but with different style and look on the outside. The panties always have an inner layer of organic cotton that is gentle to the body and will let any moisture through to keep a dry surface.

Inside the gusset there is one or several layers of absorbing cotton/microfiber. A leakproof layer (breathable TPU) prevents any moisture break through. The outer fabric depends on the style you have chosen. All materials are clearly declared in the product page.

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Designed for different women, different days and different bodies